In Progress

Everything here is an entire work in progress, we are working on Wordpress integration for gaining access to accounts, but for now the only thing visible will be the absolutely public videos.

ID Tournament Season Round PM MG LO MO Permissions
74 Mount Holyoke Nationals 2008-09 Varsity Quarterfinals Rocky Lotito Alex Taubes Benjamin Strahs Lauren Bateman All
75 Wesleyan Nationals 2011-12 Varsity Quarterfinals Kate Falkenstien Nick Cugini Andrew Waks Linnet Davis-Stermitz All
86 Williams 2006-07 Varsity Finals Adam Groce Linda Fang Trevor Gleason Lily Lamboy All
87 Swarthmore 2004 Varsity Semifinals Dan Greco Kate Reilly Rob Glunt Robbie Pratt All
102 Fordham 2010-11 Demo Round Lily Lamboy Kyle Bean Will Crocker Grant May Accounts Only
106 Boston University Novice 2014-15 Demo Round Michael Norton Alex Mechanick Diana Li Zoe Seaman-Grant Accounts Only