In Progress

Everything here is an entire work in progress, we are working on Wordpress integration for gaining access to accounts, but for now the only thing visible will be the absolutely public videos.

ID Tournament Season Round PM MG LO MO Permissions
17 Dartmouth 2017-18 Varsity Quarterfinals Charlie Barton Arun Sharma Reca Sarfati Anagha Lokhande Debaters in Round
19 William and Mary II 2016-17 Varsity Semifinals Caleb Foote Pasha Temkin Harry Zhang Mitchell Mullen Accounts Only
20 Princeton 2016-17 Varsity Octafinals Austin Cohen Joe Clancy Andrew Bowles Nate Sumimoto Accounts Only
21 Columbia 2016-17 Varsity Octafinals Jonah Goldberg Malik Jarvis Frankie Orrico Nena Gallegos Accounts Only
22 Maryland Nationals 2012-13 Varsity Finals Ben Sprung-Keyser Josh Zoffer David Kopel Samm Costello Accounts Only
23 Maryland Nationals 2012-13 3 Michael Barton Zach Bakal Josh Zoffer Ben Sprung-Keyser Accounts Only
24 Maryland Nationals 2012-13 Varsity Quarterfinals Andrew Connery Max Dovala Ben Kornfeld Robert Colonel Accounts Only
27 York University NorthAms 2009-10 Varsity Quarterfinals Saro Setarkian Sean Stefanik Vivek Suri Sean Withall Accounts Only
28 Mount Holyoke Nationals 2008-09 Varsity Semifinals Benjamin Belser Lewis Bollard Vivek Suri Sean Withall Accounts Only
30 Swarthmore Nationals 2009-10 Varsity Semifinals Vivek Suri Sean Withall Lily Lamboy Nic Zhou Accounts Only
31 Penn Nationals 2013-14 Varsity Octafinals Claire Branch Nathan Raab Alex Mechanick Jean McCabe Accounts Only
34 Penn Nationals 2013-14 Varsity Semifinals Shomik Ghosh Nathaniel Donahue Quinn Maingi Sean Leonard Accounts Only
36 Swarthmore 2013-14 Varsity Quarterfinals Nick Hansen Sean Leonard Matthew Rohn David Stauffer Accounts Only
38 The College of New Jersey Nationals 2014-15 Varsity Quarterfinals Adele Zhang Rishab Guha Nathaniel Donahue Fanele Mashwama Accounts Only
44 Swarthmore ProAms 2014-15 5 Matthew Rohn Indira Rahman Isabel Bejarano Alexis Pracar Accounts Only
55 Swarthmore 2006-07 Varsity Semifinals Samantha Hynes KenDoug Cochran Adam Chilton Grant May All
59 Dartmouth 2004 Varsity Quarterfinals Rob Glunt Adam Bonnifield Alex Blenkinsopp Alex Potapov All
61 MIT 2006-07 Varsity Quarterfinals Mike Birnbaum Zach Cafritz Mike Childers Amanda Fuller All
71 The College of New Jersey Nationals 2014-15 Varsity Octafinals Zoe Seaman-Grant Taylor Blackburn Alex Mechanick Yidi Wu All
72 Mount Holyoke Nationals 2008-09 Varsity Finals Sean Withall Vivek Suri Andrew Rohrbach Grant May All
75 Wesleyan Nationals 2011-12 Varsity Quarterfinals Kate Falkenstien Nick Cugini Andrew Waks Linnet Davis-Stermitz All
76 Amherst 2013-14 Varsity Finals Keith Barry Russell Leibowitz Nick Cugini Henry Zhang All
85 Swarthmore 2006-07 Varsity Quarterfinals Adam Chilton Grant May Mike Reilly Dave Kwasniewski All
93 University of Chicago 2016-17 5 Malik Jarvis Claire Fishman Pasha Temkin Harry Zhang Accounts Only
95 Johns Hopkins Nationals 2018-19 Varsity Semifinals Joe Clancy Ally Ross Sophia Caldera John Hunt Accounts Only