In Progress

Everything here is an entire work in progress, we are working on Wordpress integration for gaining access to accounts, but for now the only thing visible will be the absolutely public videos.

ID Tournament Season Round PM MG LO MO Permissions
42 Wesleyan 2018-19 Varsity Semifinals Jay Gibbs Andrew Harrington Tanay Patri Ellie Singer Accounts Only
66 Johns Hopkins Nationals 2017-18 Varsity Octafinals Andrew Harrington Jay Gibbs Jack Glaser Reca Sarfati Accounts Only
81 Wesleyan Nationals 2004 Varsity Finals Alex Blenkinsopp Alex Potapov Rob Glunt Justin Berkowitz All
90 MIT 2006-07 Varsity Semifinals Josh Bone Rosa Po Matt Wansley Adam Chilton All
91 Boston University 2006-07 Varsity Quarterfinals Rebecca Sivitz Dan Blynn Zach Cafritz Mike Birnbaum All
116 Tufts II 2016-17 Varsity Quarterfinals Ricky Cambo Sandy Greenberg Marina Tan Kyle Hietala All