Maryland Oct 4 2019-20 Partner: William Zeng (University of Virginia)
Varsity Team Award 3 University of Virginia ZL
Varsity Speaker Award 4
University of Pittsburgh (Expansion) Oct 25 2019-20
Varsity Speaker Award 1
American ProAms Nov 1 2019-20 Partner: Maxwell Tabarrok (University of Virginia)
Varsity Team Award 4 University of Virginia TL
The College of New Jersey (Gender Minority) Nov 8 2019-20 Partner: Tierney Egan (University of Virginia)
Varsity Team Award 2 University of Virginia EL
Varsity Speaker Award 4
Johns Hopkins Nov 15 2019-20 Partner: Sergio Valente (American)
Varsity Team Award 1 American / University of Virginia LV
Varsity Speaker Award 3
Rutgers (APDA Meeting) Feb 7 2019-20
Varsity Speaker Award 9
George Washington Feb 14 2019-20 Partner: Cayleigh Soderholm (Georgetown)
Varsity Team Award 2 Georgetown / University of Virginia SL
Varsity Speaker Award 8
CUNY ProAms Feb 21 2019-20 Partner: Donovan Jones (University of Virginia)
Varsity Team Award 7 University of Virginia LJ
Varsity Speaker Award 3
Swarthmore Feb 28 2019-20
Varsity Speaker Award 7
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