Schedule for 2019-20
7th - 8th Binghamton (Expansion) (APDA Meeting)
13th - 14th Providence College (Brown) William and Mary I
20th - 21st George Washington Novice Swarthmore Novice BU Novice
27th - 28th University of Virginia I Haverford Smith
4th - 5th Maryland Columbia Hobart and William Smith NAUDC
11th - 12th Harvard (APDA Meeting)
18th - 19th Penn Brown I
25th - 26th University of Pittsburgh (Expansion) Yale IV
1st - 2nd Northeastern ProAms American ProAms Loyola University Chicago ProAms
8th - 9th The College of New Jersey (Gender Minority) Wellesley (Gender Minority)
15th - 16th Amherst Johns Hopkins CUNY
22nd - 23rd Fordham (APDA Meeting)
6th - 7th Villanova Brandeis IV
26th - 27th Thailand (WUDC)
10th - 11th University of Chicago (Expansion)
17th - 18th Carnegie Mellon Tufts I
24th - 25th University of Virginia II Williams University of Waterloo NorthAms
31st - 1st Georgetown Brandeis Washington University in St. Louis (Expansion)
7th - 8th Rutgers (APDA Meeting)
14th - 15th George Washington Northeastern Moody Bible Institute (Expansion)
21st - 22nd Yale ProAms CUNY ProAms
28th - 29th Swarthmore Wellesley
6th - 7th Tufts II Franklin and Marshall
7th - 8th Stanford
13th - 14th Temple Brown II
20th - 21st American Boston University
27th - 28th Princeton (Elections)
3rd - 4th Dartmouth NYU
10th - 11th William and Mary II West Point
17th - 18th Bates The College of New Jersey II
24th - 25th Princeton Nationals