Rutgers / 2017-18 / Varsity Octafinals

Field Value
Tournament Rutgers (2017-18)
Round Varsity Octafinals
PM Ravi Simon
MG Kevin Healey
LO Jaewon Kim
MO Pragya Malik
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Password No Password
Permissions All

Case construct: [video cutoff] South American Sates is an intergovernmental union of all the nations in South America. In the Cusco Declaration the group announced its intention to eventually create an economic and monetary union in South America, modeled after the EU and the Euro. South America has already signed agreements to create a common market, and this declaration would see the creation of a common currency called the Gaucho. To manage monetary policy an institution called Banco Sur would be created, modeled after the European Central Bank. 

Case statement: Caveating the creation of a free trade zone in South America, the creation of a common currency would be on balance bad. 


Gov won on a consensus decision. 

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