Wesleyan / 2017-18 / Varsity Finals

Field Value
Tournament Wesleyan (2017-18)
Round Varsity Finals
PM Teddy Wyman
MG Jasper Primack
LO Shruti Baxi
MO Deena Mousa
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Password No Password
Permissions All

Case construct: In the United States, people have a constitutional right to request a lawyer before speaking to police, and to have a lawyer present during custodial interrogations. This right can be waived, and arrestees can speak to the police or even confess without a lawyer present if they choose. 

Case statement: Criminal suspects should not be able to waive their right to counsel in pretrial custodial interrogations.


Opp won on a 3-2 decision. 

Law, Split Decision, Opp Win, Tight Call, Conlaw, Theory