Eitan Sapiro-Gheiler

Field Value
ID 3000
Name Eitan Sapiro-Gheiler
School Princeton
Place Team Season Points
131 Princeton OS 2015-16 1.5
134 Princeton SL 2017-18 0.5
Place Season Points
This debater has never been on the SOTY board.
Place Season Points
18 2015-16 42.5

Harvard Oct 9 2015-16 Partner: Matthew Parodi (Princeton)
Novice Team Award 5 Princeton SP
Novice Speaker Award 5
CUNY Jan 8 2015-16 Partner: Shea Minter (Princeton)
Novice Team Award 5 Princeton SM
Novice Speaker Award 8
Rutgers Feb 5 2015-16 Partner: Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
Varsity Team Award 14 Princeton OS
Novice Team Award 1 Princeton OS
Novice Speaker Award 1
Yale ProAms Feb 19 2015-16 Partner: Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
Varsity Team Award 11 Princeton DS
Novice Speaker Award 4
Northeastern Mar 18 2015-16 Partner: Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
Novice Team Award 1 Princeton OS
The College of New Jersey Apr 15 2015-16 Partner: Yijia Liang (Princeton)
Novice Team Award 4 Princeton SL
Novice Speaker Award 10
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