Johns Hopkins Sep 5 2014-15 Partner: Diana Li (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 2 Yale DL
Smith Sep 12 2014-15 Partner: Henry Zhang (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 3 Yale DZ
Varsity Speaker Award 2
Harvard Oct 10 2014-15
Varsity Speaker Award 5
Brandeis IV Dec 5 2014-15 Partner: Christopher Taylor (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 8 Yale DT
Middlebury Jan 9 2014-15 Partner: Shirley Kuang (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 3 Yale DK
Varsity Speaker Award 1
NYU NorthAms Jan 23 2014-15 Partner: Anirudh Sivaram (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 16 Yale DS
Rutgers Feb 6 2014-15 Partner: Kyle Hietala (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 14 Yale DH
Varsity Speaker Award 10
Bates Feb 27 2014-15 Partner: Adela Lilollari (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 5 Yale DL
Varsity Speaker Award 2
Princeton Mar 27 2014-15 Partner: Alex Mechanick (Brown)
Varsity Team Award 2 Yale / Brown DM
Varsity Speaker Award 7
University of Chicago Apr 3 2014-15 Partner: Nathaniel Rubin (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 1 Yale DR
Varsity Speaker Award 2
The College of New Jersey Nationals Apr 17 2014-15 Partner: Reed Berry (Yale)
Varsity Team Award 10 Yale DB
Varsity Speaker Award 5
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