Fordham Nov 17 2017-18 Partner: Lucia Yang (Georgetown)
Varsity Team Award 14 Georgetown YS
Carnegie Mellon Jan 12 2017-18 Partner: Rachel Kane (George Washington)
Varsity Team Award 3 George Washington / Georgetown KS
William and Mary II Feb 9 2017-18
Varsity Speaker Award 8
The College of New Jersey II Mar 2 2017-18 Partner: Max Neuman (Columbia)
Varsity Team Award 8 Georgetown / Columbia SN
Franklin and Marshall Mar 9 2017-18 Partner: Parker Kelly (George Washington)
Varsity Team Award 6 George Washington / Georgetown KS
Temple Mar 16 2017-18 Partner: Cindy Wang (Georgetown)
Varsity Team Award 8 Georgetown SW
Varsity Speaker Award 8
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